Requirements for filing Trade Mark application

  1. Name of the Trading style or Firm name Company name.
  2. Name of the proprietor or the name of the partners .
  3. Address of the Business Place.
  4. 20 Labels of your trade mark logo in visiting card size or lettering style or device .
  5. Specification of goods to which the mark is applicable .
  6. Date of the first use of your trade mark ,if the mark is already in use . Otherwise application may  be filed as ‘proposed to be used ‘.
    1.This you can verify from your first invoice .
    2.If the product is medicinal preparation ,then you can verify from the Drug Endorsement made for the particular product in your drug license.
  7. Authorization Form on Form TM-48  in stamp paper and then to be signed by the authorised signatory incase if the applicant wants to engage the services of a Trademark Attorney.
  8. If it is a Private Ltd Company or a Public Limited Company , please furnish the Memorandum and  Articles of Association

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