Trademark Registration Procedure in India

Trademark Registration Procedure in India and WIPO

Trademark registration is definitely a very important process for all the people. There is no doubt at all that without a proper trademark, it is definitely impossible to run a company and sell a product. Generally, the trademark is done under the trademark act, 1999. According to this act, a person with the trademark is capable enough of protecting his goods and services. Well, India has nothing new as far as the registration process is concerned. However, trademark registration has many complexity. It is important to look at the WIPO content and there is no doubt at all that it can be very handy for all the company owners. There is a need to just enter the class, word mark as well as the goods description. Once the goods description is being provided then all the trademark of that particular class with the same goods description is being loaded onto the screen. There is no doubt at all that if you will enter the softcopy of your trademark then this site will search through the entire trademark and finally the result will be on the screen. The screen will definitely show whether the trademark has been registered in India or any another country.

Generally, WIPO is the holder of the complete database of the trademarks. If somebody wants to find out that, their trademark is available or not then, they will definitely have to contact the WIPO online. There is no doubt at all that the trademark is an international property and if a particular trademark is registered in Italy then it can definitely not be used in India.

Even a slight change in trademark database is reflected in the trademark database of the whole world. There is no doubt at all that there are plenty of options available in the whole world from where the trademark can be selected. However, the move should be smart so that it reflect the actual definition of the product.

If the trademark is present in the WIPO database then it can definitely not be reproduced in any format at any cost. If this is done then the legal action can be taken at two levels. At the first level, the legal action is taken by the trademark registration office of that area. However if you will look at the WIPO site then you will find that the international trademark office automatically disqualify that trademark. This disqualification definitely is done in few days and sometimes within few hours. You must have seen the mail delivery failure notice. The disqualification of the trademark can take place at the same rate.

As far as the trademark registration team of India is concerned, the main team member is the registrar. it is the registrar who does all the jobs related to the trademark registration. Thankfully, with the help of new technology, there is not much work to be done by the registrar and hence the company owners seldom find any problem now. There is no doubt at all that in all parts of India, now the trademark registration process has been made quite simple.

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