Trademark Registration in India

Trademark is one of the most essential ingredients as far as the product marketing is concerned. In reality, it is the essential part of the business marketing. The first basic lesson of business is definitely to make the product look quite different and better from the others. Only then, they will be sold. However, their identity and more precisely secured identity are very important. This makes it essential to register the products and all the essentials of the company in the registration office, which is located in each city of almost all the countries of the world. We call them generally, trademark registration. In India, generally there is at least one trademark registration office in almost all the cities. However, some problem persists with the rural areas and far-flung areas where there is still no trademark registration office. However, they are not too far.

Generally, trademark registration is a simple process but the new technologies have made it quite simple in the European countries and America as well as Arabian countries. However, out here now the offices generally use the advanced IT technologies for the registration. However, it is yet to be implemented in the small towns and rural areas. Generally, now all the offices are computerized with best facilities and this has made the job quite easy as now there is no manual interaction required and the computers are always smart user friendly. Thus, it just needs to be smart.

The manual registration is also quite simple. The applicant is just required to go to the office and meet the registrar. However, before meeting the registrar, he will have to collect the registration form from the clerk. The information required is straightforward. However, they might require some documents to be attached with the registration form. You will need to deposit both hard and soft copy of the logo being used as the trademark. The companies’ registration id is also required. Generally, company id is enough, which will serve as the address proof as well but it is a smart idea to carry the address proof as well.

Once the registration form is filled, it needs to be submitted to the registrar. The registrar’s job starts here. He will register your trademark and publish the trademark on the online website of the trademark registration authority of the country. Thus, the trademark will be published online and can be viewed worldwide. All the other companies have maximum three months to question the originality of the trademark. If they find that the trademark is matching their trademark then they can file the complaint online and your trademark will be cancelled. However, otherwise, the trademark is yours and your company has an identity in the business world.
All these above jobs can be done at one click through online registration form. Generally, this can be done from any city of India and it just requires the internet connection. However, there are some part of the process, which is to be completed manually but the process is the same as explained above and one just needs to meet the registrar of the local trademark registration office to make it official.

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