Trademark Registration in India is a Necessity

Registration is one of the fundamental requirements in any businesses and there is a registration office in almost all the departments. Similarly, in case of the trademark as well, it is essential to register it and only then, the logo will work as the trademark. There are different set of laws for trademark registration in different parts of the world. Out here in India, as well there are some specific set of laws. However, it is essential to understand why the trademark registration in India is essential. Like all the other countries, there are some set rules for running an independent company in India as well. A legitimate trademark is a necessity for every company. Either, it is the telecom company or it is the car manufacturing company, it is essential that the company has certain trademark. However, the question arises that why the trademark registration is necessary in India.

There is no doubt at all that the product needs to be safeguarded. You must have heard about the patent. It is an essential aspect for any product. There are many ways through which, another company can cheat a particular company. It is essential to understand all the aspects as only then the real importance of the trademark can be highlighted definitely.

Another company can use the brand name of the product. Just think a particular company product is known by certain name. The other company can change the name slightly and then use the generated name for its brand. This process can be made illegal if the product is registered in the trademark office.

Similarly, the specification and the working of the product can also be copied but if it is properly copyrighted then these cheatings cannot be made definitely. Take an example of the logo, which is being used as the trademark. Generally, there is much software available where the logo can be copied and certain changes can be made in it. Once, the changes are being made then the company might be free to use the logo for his trademark. This is definitely not that a big problem. If the company registers the logo and mention that even some features cannot be copied then no company has the right to copy even a single portion of the logo.

Generally, the other company copies the trademark in order to gain the market of that particular company. These things can be checked in the urban areas but in the rural areas, it is a big problem. Generally, it is definitely wise to leave this job on some organizations that have their offices all over the country. Keep in mind that even today, 90% of the marketing is done offline and hence it is very hard for a company to find out the plagiarism. This is definitely a very tough job indeed and hence it is definitely wise to make sure that every company does the trademark registration. This is definitely not that easy job and hence registering the product in the local registration office is definitely a nice idea.

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