Trademark Registration in India Fees

A Detailed Discussion on Trademark Registration in India Fees

Many consultants in India are linked with the trademark registration process. India ranks low as far as total number of trademark registration application is concerned. Around 8000 to 9000 applications have been registered on annual basis in India during the last decade. This is quite less as compared to some of the other countries of the world. However, consultancy has strengthened its root in almost every sector in India as well. Many consultants now cover even the trademark. The consultants might charge around 5000 rupees for each trademark but they do it fast and you will not have to face any problems.

However, it is recommended for all the company owners that they should contact the local registration office definitely. There are two advantages of this process. It costs less, which is around 3000 rupees. Thus, you are paying 2000 rupees less. There are one more advantages, which in Indian language is called, “pakka kaam”. This means perfect work and this is achieved only if all the steps of the whole process is followed.

Generally, in 3000 rupees you can register a simple trademark. There are some complexities in the process and this needs an elaborate discussion. Generally, you can save some money if you select some text as the trademark. However, this is not a smart idea. While selecting a tough graphic trademark you are going to spend only 500 to 600 rupee more. This is not a big deal. The total package will be around 3500 rupees. There are some added advantages of the last process. You are doing, “pakka kaam”. There is no doubt at all that you are having much broader dimension to think. You can go through all the clauses of the WIPO trademark database and this is free.

The consultants charge money to search through the database and if you will do this job on your own then you are saving around 500 rupees. Generally, the consultants will charge you around 1000 rupees extra. Thus, the whole package will be around 5000 rupees. You can see many advertisements on the internet challenging to do the job in around 4999 rupees. Some consultants even promises to do the job in around 3999 rupees.

Thus, the trademark registration can be easily done in around 3000 rupees in India. You might be advised that consultants are not as good as you yourself but the world has changed and so is India. In today’s world, the word consultant means perfection and hence the people feel that if they hire a consultant then their job will be done quite easily. However, if the company owner, as usually, is an experienced one then they should definitely do this job on their own. The whole issue in various big companies is definitely kept secret and the small company should learn from it. They should definitely try to keep the trademark issue secret and should hire a top official who should be reliable and owner can hope that he will not disclose the secret. Finally, the trademark registration in India fees is around 3000 rupees and in some cases, it can be 5000 rupees to maximum.

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