Basic facts abt IP

Basic Facts about IP

Concept Of Property

The concept of property has been changed from time to time in the world history. When human beings were nomadic, only movables were recognized as property. There afterwards, immovable property, particularly land, became a major form of  property when agriculture became a major occupation. Due to industrialization, non-physical objects also came to be recognized as property. And latest addition to this concept is that of ‘ Intellectual property’. Thus the concept of property has been changed in recent years by recognizing the Intellectual property also.

Intellectual Capitalism

Now-a-days ‘capital ‘ is no longer in banks but in  minds due to the emergence of a new concept of ‘Intellectual Capitalism’. The return on Intellectual capital is considerable and not measurable by any standard in this contemporary age of Information Technology. The Intellectual capital requires protection from piracy and imitation.

Kinds of Intellectual Property

The following are the various kind of intellectual property:

- Patents



-Trademarks (including service mark)

-Confidential information and technical know-how

-Trade Secret

-Integrated Circuits

-Geographical Indication.

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